About Us


Hi there!

Welcome to All things lunch where I would like to provide the tools and inspiration to make healthy, fun and easy lunches that will appeal to children of all ages! 

Let me start by introducing to you my biggest achievements and my drive behind all of this. My three children. My 6 year old Ava, my three year old Elisha and my little boy Wyatt, who is 15 months. 

My partner and I run a pretty tight ship here, with three kids under 6. So i found having to make 2, sometimes 3 lunches abit of a drag. Until I stumbled across bentology. This way of making lunches has revolutionized the way i make lunches and it has brought fun into something that can easily be made into a chore. 

This way i don't ever buy anything in a packet, which is great for the environment. And i think for me, it let's me have much more control over what kind of food is going into their little bodies!

The word Bento is derived from a very old chinese slang term meaning 'convenient'

The pros of packing a lunch like this is;

  • Litter-free lunchboxes
  • Portion controlled meals
  • Healthy choices 
  • Everyday boring food is made fun

I would love to see everyone's creations, Let loose people and enjoy :)

Any questions please feel free to email me!