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Lunch Punch- Critter Cutters ( set of 4)

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Children worldwide adore finding friendly critters in their lunch boxes!

You just can’t help but smile at the adorable baby elephant tucked besider her mama, the puppy safe in his kennel, a sweet soaring butterfly and two dolphins frolicking. A smile from a child means a lunch eaten happily!

The Lunch Punch Critter Cutters set comes with 4 friendly animal shapes:

  • Mother and baby elephant
  • Dog in dog house
  • Beautiful butterfly
  • Twin dolphins (whales or sharks)

We have found that bread sizes are different all around the world.  Critter Cutters will work with any size bread but are especially great for regular or large bread.

Product dimensions:

  • Cutter dimensions are 9 cm X 9.5cm X 3cm deep
  • Gift box dimensions are 12cm X 9.5cm X 10cm

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